Mark L. Pulaski, CPA, CGMA, CFP

Chief Strategy and Development Officer

When it comes to business planning, Mark’s approach is personal.

He gets to know you, he gets to know your business, and he gets to know your people. Basically, his goal is to get to know your organization almost as well as you do; so he can help you change it from the inside out.

We admit this approach might not be for everyone. But Mark believes that getting key employees to participate in the process not only provides valuable perspectives and input, but it also creates energy that can be harnessed to drive improvement.

Mark is also a Kolbe Certified Consultant, a skill which enables him to help you get the most out of each person in your organization. The Kolbe process has turned the old adage “trust your instincts” into cutting edge workplace strategy.

Since joining the firm in 2001, Mark has focused on business and estate planning for family-owned businesses. His business planning work includes strategic business planning and organizational alignment, and extensive work in Human Capital Development.

Mark is a graduate of Bucknell University and holds a MSFS (Masters of Science in Financial Services) degree from American College. In addition to numerous continuing education courses, he has completed several executive programs at Stanford University.

Prior to joining Cornerstone Advisors, Mark held several executive positions over a 17-year career in banking including: Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer, and President of Wealth Management. Before his time with the banking industry, he worked for 8 years as an auditor and consultant for several national public accounting firms.