In Fine Line Homes' Own Words

“Without my people, I could not have achieved success. In everything we do, I feel a great obligation to take care of our people. So when it came to planning for the future of my business, I knew I couldn’t just leave them at the post. Our regional and national reach is so expansive that it’s difficult for us to focus on the details beyond day-to-day operation. We needed an expert partner who could fill the gap.

There was no better fit for our company than Cornerstone. They’re different from anyone else we’ve worked with, because they offer complete knowledge in all aspects of our business and personally see to our success through active participation and mentoring.

For more than seven years, they’ve guided us through estate planning, tax planning and creating business continuity trusts. Their insights on my succession plan have put me at ease knowing everything’s in order for my family and my employees.

Cornerstone also recognized the necessity for a Board of Trustees that would oversee all aspects of our companies and helped us implement one. They attend our quarterly meetings to ensure smooth, successful operation.

Cornerstone has continued to deliver support and solutions beyond what we thought we needed. They’ve helped us focus on the business knowing that our biggest concern, the welfare of our people, is taken care of.”

George Parmer with son, Adam - Fine Line Homes, LP - Harrisburg, PA