In Four Seasons Produce's Own Words

“As our company continued to grow and the value of our key associates became evident to me, I knew we needed to develop a plan to solidify their long-term commitment and provide for them after retirement. That’s when we were referred to Cornerstone.

They helped us create a non-qualified compensation plan for our key associates. But they didn’t stop there. Cornerstone then helped us identify the weaknesses in our existing succession plan. They started to provide us not only with the solutions we were looking for, but the service and support we ultimately needed.

Cornerstone worked closely to coordinate the services of our total advisory group to complete the big picture of this complicated planning process. They offered us solutions that would integrate our succession plan with our estate planning. Then, they helped us educate the family members and non-family leaders in our company about the plan in a way that was very easy to understand.

The result of their work is a flexible, strategic succession and financial plan that will save us a lot of money, provide security for key associates and preserve the business for future generations. We couldn’t be more pleased with the quality and commitment we’ve received from Cornerstone."

David Hollinger, with son Jason (left) and Ron Carkoski (center) - Four Seasons Produce, Inc. - Ephrata, PA