In Ainsworth's Own Words

“Jack Yaissle and his talented team at Cornerstone Advisors have provided the estate planning leadership to guide Ainsworth Pet Nutrition and the Lang family through five generations of private ownership.  Our relationship surpasses 40 years and will continue for many more to come.
Cornerstone has allowed each generation of our family the luxury of sleeping soundly every night knowing that our business and families will be financially secure upon our "untimely" demise.
Jack and his team at Cornerstone are constantly challenging conventional thinking in long term succession planning as well as structure and tax strategy.  They are truly our company's and family's #1 advocate.
Cornerstone has also helped us structure effective long term incentive plans: deferred comp plans, Phantom Stock plans, and most recently a Phantom Stock Option / SARs plan.  This has enabled us to attract big company talent with a plan that mirrors the family's equity.  
The innovative life insurance planning that Cornerstone put in place 30 years ago has added significant strength to our balance sheet and enabled us to obtain very favorable financing during our rapid growth over the past 5 years.”

Sean Lang - Ainsworth Pet Nutrition, Inc. Meadville, PA