Uncommon Wealth Requires Uncommon Vigilance

Uncommon Vigilance. What does it mean for you? It means we listen, really listen, to what you have to say. We know that with listening comes understanding. Understanding leads to implementation. And thoughtful, intelligent implementation leads to positive, tangible results.

And our role does not end there.

As true stewards, we monitor your results over time, adapting to change within your organization as well as without. This uncommon vigilance lasts for years—even decades—as we become partners in the process of helping individuals, families, and organizations reach their greatest potentials.

So you see, it’s not so lonely at the top.

Your Objectives

Your true objectives are the most important things we need to define.

This means we’re going to ask questions—a lot of questions: questions about you, your company, and even your family. What keeps you up at night? What would your family go to the mat for?  Where does your family truly draw the line? What is it they’re really saying even when they seem to be saying something else?

They’re the kind of questions you’ve probably never been asked before. And having to answer them can be an uncomfortable thing.

We know. We get it.

But if you don’t feel comfortable answering them, then the dynamic between us isn’t going to work.

That’s why our objective is to get to the heart of your objectives. Pure and simple.


  Our Philosophy
Uncommon Vigilance Arrows


“For us it all comes down to trust. We need you to trust us implicitly. We also clearly recognize that we have to earn and re-earn that trust. Otherwise, this process is not going to work.”

Jack Yaissle—
Board Chairman, Cornerstone Advisors


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