Pottsville, PA

Family-owned craft brewery since 1829

6th largest brewing company in the United States

Produces more than 2.9 million barrels of beer per year

Products sold in 22 states

Cornerstone Client Since 1989

When it comes to working with our people, they’ve streamlined everything — from coaching our HR department on hiring and interviewing, to grooming our Senior Management to take on additional responsibilities.

The people at Cornerstone are exceptionally intelligent and talented individuals. We give them a lot of credit. And at this point, I consider some of them to be personal friends.

Dick Yuengling with daughters Debbie, Wendy, Jennifer and Sheryl - D.G. Yuengling & Son, Inc., Pottsville, PA

Services Performed:
  • Transfer of corporate equity
  • Consultation on additions to brewing capacity
  • Next generation executive coaching and development
  • Creation and management of life insurance portfolio
  • Multi-generational trusts
  • Corporate and personal tax savings
  • Advisors on charitable giving
  • Consultation on strategic development of the business
  • Human capital consultation