Four Seasons Produce
Ephrata, PA

Wholesale produce distributor supplying organic, local and conventional fresh produce since 1976

Serving the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions of the U.S.

Synergistic company providing wholesale, importing, logistics and transportation services

Cornerstone Client Since 2010

As our company continued to grow and the value of our key associates became evident to me, I knew we needed to develop a plan to solidify their long-term commitment and provide for them after retirement.

Cornerstone worked closely with us on this complicated planning process. They offered us solutions that would integrate our succession requirements with our estate design. Then, they helped us educate the family members and non-family leaders in our company about the plan in a way that was very easy for everyone to understand.

The result of their work is a flexible, strategic succession and financial solution that will save us a lot of money, provide security for key associates and preserve the business for future generations. We couldn’t be more pleased with the quality and commitment we’ve received from Cornerstone.

David Hollinger, with son Jason (left) - Four Seasons Produce, Inc. - Ephrata, PA

Services performed:
  • Ongoing estate solutions
  • Employee retention programs
  • Flexible strategic planning
  • Creation of non-qualified plans
  • Creation and management of life insurance portfolio
  • Creation of multi-generational South Dakota trusts
  • Transition/sale of corporate equity from 1st generation to trusts for second generation and dynastic planning with no gift taxes.
  • Second generation estate solutions
  • Family charitable estate solutions