In Yuengling's Own Words

“Running a family business comes with a unique set of challenges. The folks at Cornerstone have given us an outside perspective. They’ve been a huge help when it comes to finding a direction for the business, defining our vision, and communicating that vision to bring everyone in the organization, and within the family, together.

They were our financial advisors when it came to building a new brewery and acquiring another.

They work closely with our CPA when it comes to annual business planning.

And when it comes to working with our people, they’ve streamlined everything from coaching our HR department on hiring and interviewing, to grooming our Senior Management to take on additional responsibilities.

Jack and his team are exceptionally intelligent and talented individuals. We give them a lot of credit. And at this point, I consider Jack to be a personal friend.”

Dick Yuengling with daughters, Wendy and Jennifer - D.G. Yuengling & Son, Inc.  Pottsville, PA