In LB Water's Own Words

"Cornerstone was instrumental in pulling together our ESOP. It was a complicated process but they listened to our needs, worked with our lawyer, and took our business plan to a whole new level. They transitioned ownership from three shareholders to an entirely ESOP owned company.

And as far as their Uncommon Vigilance goes, Cornerstone still does continuous work with our Trustees and has established and funded a program to assure the ESOP will continue to flourish.

Cornerstone also revamped the entire management structure of our company. They are at our Senior Management and Board meetings, manage large amounts of liquid assets for both the company and for individuals associated with the company, and have helped us all achieve our charitable intentions when it comes to giving.

We are somewhat disadvantaged here for not being in a major market but working with the people at Cornerstone means having access to expertise and resources that otherwise would not have been available.”

Walt VanNuys, Fred Steimling, Robert Dagle, Jim App, and William Everly with the original founder's automobile - LB Water Service, Inc.  Selinsgrove, PA